How To Turn On TikTok Dark Mode On All Devices

How To Turn On TikTok Dark Mode On All Devices – You need to have access to the function that activates the background to black color. Before you can turn on night mode on TikTok. The function helps to maintain, save, and boost the battery capacity of your gadget.

The night mode boosts the capability to sleep. You can sleep better or well anytime the dark background is active than with the normal theme. When the black mode is active you can use it in bed without distracting your partner.

After a long day at work, it might help to reduce headaches and tiredness. The night theme is also important for people with visual disabilities. Especially when reading in low light which may help decrease or even avoid eye strain.

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TikTok developers have enabled this feature for better user usage in the app. With the black mode active, you stand a chance of using your gadget battery for a long duration.

It is healthy and important to start using the night theme feature if you haven’t yet. So, keep on reading while we guide you on how to activate night or dark background on Android, iOS, and PC devices.

How To Enable Night Mode on TikTok Using Android

The TikTok night background on Android is not yet made available for use. Remember that if you are using the video sharing app on an Android gadget, the black theme isn’t available.

The developers might consider releasing the theme for Android software in the future. For the moment Android users would continue with the normal (light) theme.

How To Enable Black Background on TikTok Using iPhone Gadget

  • To ensure the night background is active, the app on your iPhone gadget needs to open for access.
  • After opening it, scroll to the down section and there you will see the “me” button. Choose the option to proceed with the process.
  • On the next screen, check out for the triple straight lines and select.
  • Scroll down to the Content and Activity area after that.
  • Check out the black theme option in the content section and choose.
  • Both background options will appear on the page, choose the black mode choice.
  • After the above procedure, the night theme feature will then become active.

How To Turn On Night Theme on The Video Sharing App Using Personal Computer (PC)

  • Install the turn off the light extension on your selected browser. This is after downloading it.
  • Open the application you installed using the browser of your choice.
  • Ensure the application is accessible by activating it on your chosen browser
  • After activating the application, select the options icon.
  • Choose the box that is close to the option button
  • The second to the last procedure is to choose the night theme.
  • The black background will activate. You have the choice to alter the colors you need such as that of hyperlink and others.

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