How To See Liked Posts On Instagram 2023

How To See Liked Posts On Instagram 2023 – To be able to have a view of the posts, you may have given your likes on Instagram is to access the Instagram feature. The Instagram feature gives room to revisit all the liked posts you may have liked in the past. Some day there will need for you to visit the posts you have been liking to ensure the post merit the likes.

With the Instagram feature, you have the choice to also remove your likes if you no longer appreciate the post. You can unlike as many as 300 posts you would want to with this feature. The only disadvantage of it is its limitation.

This means that when you are removing your likes on posts that you don’t consider fit it cannot exceed 300 at once. People may remove their likes on content due to many reasons. They may be misunderstandings, mistakes, and many others.

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Some people spend time on the application scrolling through feeds and liking posts. You may wonder what happens to all those items you have given your likes to. The answer to the question is that you can go back and view them later. Sounds great right?

If you have not used the unlike feature before, they are many reasons why you would need to try it. So, keep on reading while we guide you on how to visit liked posts and how to remove as many as 300 likes at once.

How To View Liked Posts Using Instagram Android App

  • Ensure you can access the app by opening it on your android gadget.
  • On the menu page, scroll to the down section and there, you will find the ‘profile icon ’ button. Click on it to reveal your profile page.
  • Time to look for where the three straight lines are which are on the top of the screen and tap them.
  • The next step is to click on the notification that will pop up which will showcase the activity page.
  • Again select the interactions button that will come up when it comes up.
  • Then go ahead and click on the like button.

How To View Liked Posts Using Instagram iOS App

You can also access this feature on an iOS device. The procedure is almost the same as that of Android. Use your iOS gadget to follow the below steps on your Instagram app:

  • Ensure the application is accessible on any gadget you want to make use of.
  • Look for the profile icon and click on it to open it and take you to the next page.
  • Click on the three parallel lines on the profile screen after locating them.
  • Go ahead and tap on the activity icon
  • Choose the interaction button from the list of options that will pop up.
  • The next action to take is to hit on the likes button to proceed with the course of action.
  • You can choose how you prefer to see the liked items by selecting from a range of factors. either from older to recent or the other way around.

How To Remove Likes From Posts On Instagram App At Once

The familiar way to remove your likes on any post on the Instagram software is to check each of them and remove them by hand. But this iPhone feature enables anyone to remove as many likes as three hundred at a time. Check out the below guidelines to help you out:

  • Ensure the Instagram application is accessible on any gadget you are accessing. You can use android or iOS gadgets to do it.
  • Head to the category of the posts you liked
  • Ensure to hit on and hold on to the particular upload you wish to take away your like.
  • Choose the ones you need to remove your likes. You can remove as many likes as you wish to but ensure it is not more than three hundred.
  • The final procedure is to hit the unlike button and all the unwanted likes will be rid of.

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