How To Create TikTok Account On PC

How To Create TikTok Account On PC – Although TikTok is predominantly accessed through its mobile app, there is a desktop version, which you can also create and access your account. So, if you have been wondering about how to do it, this post will help you.

It is not different from its mobile app version except the wider screen and a few other features. However, the big screen can help you to see more features easily than on the smart app.

If you are using a mobile app to open TikTok, you will be taken straight to your home page. There you can use the reaction buttons, i.e., like, comment, share for any videos you want or you can change to any part as you like. Moreover, if you would like to view contents only from your followed accounts, then you can switch to that section to access contents exclusively from them. The + button is waiting there if you want to record your own video.

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All these features are available on the desktop version except the ability to record directly on a PC. You will rather see the ‘upload’ button instead of the ‘record’ button on a PC. So, to post your videos, you will have to record outside the site and upload it through the button.

On the pc version, you can find accounts to follow on the left menu. More so, you can also find the accounts you have followed, popular #tags and more.

If you have not used TikTok on your PC before, there are various reasons why you would want to try it. So, follow us, while we guide you on How To Create a TikTok Account On PC.

How To Create TikTok Account On PC

Before we begin, let us list the requirements:

  • Working email address
  • An active mobile number for confirmation. One that you can get a code to verify your account. However, you can choose between a mobile number and an email address.
  • Your birth record: Date, month, and year
  • A strong password that cannot be hacked
  • A username. Make it unique and easy to recall because that is going to be your name on the platform.

Now, here is how to create your account:

  • Using your choice browser, go to the address bar and enter
  • You will be taken straight to the homepage where you can begin to access some videos.
  • To create your account, follow the login button to the next page
  • On the next page, scroll to the down section and there, you will find the ‘sign up’ button to click.
  • The next thing will be to choose how you want to sign up. There are different options like, signing up with your email or phone number, Facebook, google, or twitter. If you choose to register through other platforms, there will be no need for verification. However, signing up with an email or mobile number requires you to confirm if you are the owner.
  • Select your date record accordingly and proceed.
  • Enter your password and make sure you save it.
  • Now, if you use your email, a six digit code is waiting in your inbox. 
  • Go get it and verify your account.
  • You can login almost immediately after a successful confirmation.

You can now access TikTok through your PC. Go ahead and enjoy your new account.

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