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Login to Free Dating Chat | Chat with Singles on California Dating: Facebook dating app free answers all the questions you have on Facebook online dating and how to begin. You may have some questions on how Facebook dating app works. This is because some users want to know if it is possible for the Facebook dating app to download. This article will explain if Facebook dating app download is possible or not.

Facebook Dating App Free

The Facebook dating site is a platform inside Facebook, where users can connect and find love. The Facebook dating site download free has made online dating easy and accessible. This can also be done from anywhere in the world. This Facebook dating is different from other dating services available because it is within the Facebook web.

You cannot download the Facebook dating app. This is because it is not a standalone app. To access the Facebook dating site, you need to access via your active Facebook account.

Facebook has done this, to ensure all your social needs are on a single website and easy for you to handle. To begin the Facebook dating app free, first, download the Facebook official application.

Facebook Dating Feature | Facebook Dating

The Facebook dating feature is not yet available. This means that the Facebook dating app is only available in 20 countries for now.

Facebook online dating is free to use. Meaning that all you need to access the site is your Facebook account. You will also need to stay in one of the 20 countries with an updated version of the Facebook app to get access.

Another Facebook dating feature is that users can filter searches based on location, age, number of children, religion, or height. Users can also be matched with other people within a 100-km range. The location feature on the Facebook dating site free allows you to share your location with friends and family. This is done to ensure safety, and keep users safe when meeting outside the site.

Facebook Dating Site | Facebook Dating App Download

If you are unable to get access to the Facebook dating app free, check that you reside in the 20 countries it’s available in. And if you reside in the available countries and Facebook dating site is still not working in your device, upgrade your app to the updated version.

Note that, to access the Facebook dating site, you need to have a Facebook account. And aside from that, you will need to gain access to the platform with a Facebook dating profile. You will need to be at least 18 years old to be legally allowed to access Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Matching | Facebook Dating Site

The Facebook dating site matches users who share a common interest. Facebook dating matching is also done if there are users who stay within a 100-km with themselves.

There is a feature on the Facebook dating site free called “secret crush”. This feature allows users to add about 9 Facebook friends and Instagram followers to a list. And when a person on your list adds you to their own list, it becomes a match! This is an amazing feature added to the Facebook dating site, making it special from other online dating sites.