Connect on Tinder to Discover Attractive Singles Nearby: Explore Love Globally

Connect on Tinder to Discover Attractive Singles Nearby: Explore Love Globally: In the past tinder was only available to sign up using a Facebook account. This spells doom for those who are not on Facebook. Meaning they must first open a Facebook account to access it. But that has changed in recent times, as anybody looking to open an account does not need a Facebook account anymore just a phone number. We are not going to waste any time talking about opening an account with Facebook. So let’s see how to sign up with your phone number and email.

Tinder Sign Up – Tinder Dating Account Registration

Here is how to create your Tinder dating account;

  • Open the Tinder app you have downloaded. See below how to download the Tinder app.
  • And click on Log in with phone number.
  • Now fill out all the required information.
  • Next is to allow tinder access to all the necessary permissions.

Once that is done the registration process is complete. All that is left now is for you to start swiping, matching and dating.

But to use Tinder or even complete the Tinder account registration, you will need to have a Tinder app on your phone. So let’s look at how to download Tinder App.


Tinder Dating App Download

Downloading the tinder app is as easy as it gets. All you need is access to your app store or play store on your mobile device. Thus;

1. On your iOS or Android device and head to your app store and open it.

2. Once it has loaded, tap on the Search box.

3. Now type in “Tinder” and tap on the search button to search.

4. When the results are out, tap on the Tinder app.

5. On android tap on Install and Accept while on iOS tap on Get and Install.

Then what is left now is a waiting game as the app begins to install. Once the app has been installing then you can now start the process of tinder sign up as described above.