Zoosk Dating Service For Singles

Zoosk Dating Service For SinglesTo join Zoosk, go to http://www.zoosk.com/ and click Sign Up, or get the app on your phone. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and answer a few quick questions about your location and gender, as well as read our privacy policy and terms of service. 

If you visited our site today, you might have found a strange little button to the right of the usual login fields that says “connect with Facebook.” Oh, my goodness! What does this imply? 

I’ll explain what it means to you. The “sync with Facebook” button (also known as Facebook Connect) allows you to log in to Zoosk using your Facebook account details instead of creating a new Zoosk account. Oh my god! 

Zoosk Sign up With Facebook

We’re working to make the process of online dating a lot easier. Using Facebook Connect to log into Zoosk not only simplifies the whole login process but also makes it easier for you — savvy internet users — to have online dating at your fingertips. Given that Zoosk is the most popular dating app on Facebook, as well as the world’s fastest-growing dating platform with 40 million users (the majority of whom use Zoosk as a Facebook dating app), it makes sense for us to use FC to better integrate the process of online dating through social media. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook will ask you if you want to share your Zoosk operation on your status feed. I understand that some of you are hesitant to make your online dating details public.

By changing your Facebook “Applications Settings” (Settings –> Application settings –> Zoosk –> Additional Permissions –> uncheck all permissions), you can mask your Zoosk operation.

When you first log into Zoosk in FC, you’ll see a window that asks you to “Allow Zoosk to publish posts or comments without prompting me.” Posts can appear on your wall, in the News Feeds of your friends, and apps such as Photos, Videos, and Notes.” If you don’t want Facebook to publish your information, select “Don’t Allow” when the prompt appears. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that signing up for Zoosk with FC is essentially the same as signing up for Facebook and then applying the Zoosk Facebook application to your existing account. FC takes care of it for you in a single move. When you have several Facebook profiles (weirdo…) and try to connect them all to the same Zoosk account, things get a little more complicated – which is a big no-no. You can only connect one Facebook account to one Zoosk account at this time. Here, we run a tight ship. 

Log in with your FC account and tell us what you think. FC is off the heezy, and Zoosk is pleased to bring it to you! The method of online dating has been made more convenient for both new and current users thanks to FC. Instead of creating a new Zoosk profile, new users can sign up for Zoosk using their existing Facebook details. Existing Zoosk users can use their Facebook credentials to log in and use Zoosk’s Facebook features! 

People have a good Monday and a good Zoosk.