Facebook Dating and How to Activate and Use the Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a new application that helps you chat with potential love partners through the social network’s global platform. You don’t need to create a unique dating profile; Facebook can recommend possible matches based on shared preferences based on your current profile’s data. Other Facebook dating users would suggest your page.

Like Bumble and Tinder, Facebook’s dating function prevents you from messaging other users before you already express interest in each other. Any of the current Facebook friends would not be recommended by the program. Your dating profile would be shielded from your peers who use the feature in the same way. Friends, on the other side, can add each other to their list of secret crushes, so if a peer has a crush on you, you could fit with them.

Users must be at least 18 years old to access Facebook Dating (according to their profile).

FB Dating Secret Crushes

You can match with your Facebook friends and Instagram followers using the secret crush function. Click on Secret Crush at the bottom of the list, where Facebook recommends profiles.

Then you can choose Facebook and Instagram contacts. They would be notified that someone has a crush on them if they have Facebook Dating switched on, but they will not realize who. If they add you to their hidden desires, you’ll be paired.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Before you can use Facebook Dating, you must first build a Facebook account. Since the dating functionality relies on details from your average profile, you can complete it. The functionality is integrated into the Facebook smartphone app and does not include a separate app or website.

Facebook Dating pictures and other material are not visible on your daily Facebook page. Conversations on Facebook Dating are often kept isolated from Facebook Messenger conversations. If you became Facebook friends with them after matching with them on Facebook Dating, you could always see their dating profile.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

To get started using Facebook Dating:

  1. Open the Facebook app and choose the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of your feed.
  2. Select Dating.
  3. Set up your dating profile by following the prompts. Your dating profile will be created using information from your Facebook account after you share your location and select a picture. You can personalize your Facebook Dating profile by including more stats, photos, and even Instagram posts. When you’re finished, tap Done.

How to Use Facebook Dating

Profiles will be recommended by Facebook Dating one at a time. You can view your reviews at any time by going to the Dating section of the Facebook app.

  • To let the user know you like them, tap the heart on their profile or the X to move. You should strike up a conversation if they like you back.
  • If anyone else wants your profile, you’ll be notified. Tap the heart icon on their profile to like them back and give them a direct message.
  • By pressing Matches at the top of the app, you can access your matches and conversations.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your profile and tap Answer a Question to respond to random questions that will help Facebook boost your match suggestions.
  • At the bottom of your profile page, you can also upload images and share Instagram stories.

How to Adjust the Fb Dating Settings

A few configuration changes can affect how the Facebook Dating app functions for you.

  1. To access the settings, tap the gear icon on the screen where Facebook suggests profiles.
  2. You can set your desired conditions for possible matches under the Ideal Match tab. You can customize what appears on your profile by going to the General account.
  3. Tap the ellipses (…) next to Instagram to add your account.
  4. Share your Facebook and Instagram stories, tap Connect Stories, and then one (or both) Connect keys.

Hopefully, this article answers the question about Facebook Dating and How to Activate it.

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