How to Add Song Lyrics To Instagram Story

How To Add Song Lyrics To Instagram Story – Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide today. Many people including adults and teenagers have Instagram accounts where they chat. They also get the latest, news and link up with people around the world. Some people even add their successes, pictures, and videos to their Instagram stories.

Some people add songs and song lyrics of their favorite musician to their stories. Sometimes they also add song lyrics and songs that match what they are adding to their profiles. For example, a love song will match well with a loved-up picture.

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Music artists also share their songs and song lyrics in their stories to promote them. This is one way for fans to discover new songs from their favorite musicians. Sometimes fans also do this to show their love for their favorite musicians and their music.

So, are you worried because you don’t know how to add your favorite song lyrics to your stories to spice it up? Or people can’t vibe to your story because sometimes they are not conversant with the lyrics. Worry no more, because you are on the right page. This post will guide and help you on how to add song lyrics to your stories without any challenge.

How You Can Add The Lyrics

This guide will simplify the process for you:

  • On your mobile gadget, locate the app.
  • Find your profile icon and follow the link.
  • Ensure to select the photos and videos.
  • Find the audio, your choice one to add.
  • Navigating to the right side, select square stickers.
  • Find the music and choose your choice audio to share.
  • Find the title through the search bar, they’ll make suggestions for you.
  • Select the clip or the verse and the words will appear

Note: This option is not available for every song in the Instagram music collection. If the music you choose has lyrics available, they will appear immediately. The slider also reflects lyrics in real-time. The song and lyrics will only be for 15 seconds.

  • After selecting the music snippet, click on “Done” on the right-hand side of the app.
  • You may reformat and adjust the wordings in your way.
  • You can now upload your story.Source:

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