How To Download A Video From Facebook On All Devices

How To Download A Video From Facebook On All Devices – Some people are having the challenge of re-watching Facebook videos. Either offline or when they don’t have enough mobile data. The social app has a provision for watching recorded tapes but not for saving to your gadget. Saving recorded tapes to your device is very easy to carry out if you know the right cause of action to take.
Sometimes, after looking at a particular tape on the social network you may want to re-see it. Or you may want to show a friend or loved one which may be difficult if it was not saved to your machine. Clicking the saving button to save the tape does not mean you can find it on your device.
Rather, it is only put down in the saved collection in the app. To own the desired recorded tape in your gadget and to show others continue reading this article.

How You Can Save Video From Facebook on Your Desktop

  • Ensure to open the app on your desktop by visiting Facebook website.
  • Look out by searching for the desired recorded tape
  • Open the recorded material, then move over to the right and tap the three dots.
  • Then copy the link
  • Insert the URL into any web browser of your preference, such as Chrome and others.
  • Swap out “www” for “mbasic”
  • Look out for the coming page that will appear after entering the changed URL
  • Then hit a fresh tap to open the video link.
  • Your preferred video will be displayed on the new tap, and you can right-click to get to it on your device.
  • Save the video after determining how and where to do so.

How You Can Save on Your Mobile Gadget

  • Make sure the necessary video is playing on your screen.
  • Press the “Sharing” box located beneath the videotape.
  • Find the URL and copy it.
  • In any web browser of your preference, such as Firefox and others, enter the link.
  • Discard the www and substitute “mbasic” before conducting a search.
  • The needed video will show up which may need your account login
  • A new page will show up and you will have to reach out to the pop-up notification
  • Select the download button to save it to where you need it on your mobile.

How You Can Save on Your iOS

  • Make sure you are watching the specific Facebook video after opening the app.
  • Hit the “Share” icon underneath the recorded tape.
  • Find the link, then copy it.
  • Using Firefox web browser search for
  • Enter the URL in the search field that will be visible on the following page.
  • Next, choose the type of quality you need either normal or high
  • Look for the download option and select the link on the following display.


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