How to Sign up on Snap Chat

How to Sign up on Snap Chat – Snap Chat is one of the apps that is being known for sharing videos and photos. The snaps (as it is being called) are just short videos that last up to one second and disappears after watching them. The app is a creative app that used for easy communication with its great features. So on this article, we are going to show you how to create an account on your own Snap Chat account.

Snap Chat was launch in September 16, 2011. Since the inception of the app it has grown from 1000 users to 4937 million users around the globe. The app is used for sharing short video messages and real life conversations with friends. The minimum age for Snap Chat is 13 years. Users of the app have recorded positive experience since the inception of the app. Like other social media platforms, snap has a mixed race of people around the world. It is a good idea to understand how it works and also guide your kids on how to use snap chat. Knowing how to use snap chat will help you to be sure that your kids experience is very positive.

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Snap Chat is consistent with their updates in the app. Snap Chat was the first app to introduce FILTERS on videos, pictures and video calls. It went further to introduce snap maps, stories, live stories, discover, video calls and text chats, snap cash, spectacle, lenses and stickers. The features are very interesting, that’s why you find rappers, song writers, political figure heads, athletes, kids and the common man in the streets using snap chat features daily. The app is also a place for business. People around the world go on live videos to sell there products on the app. Big popular companies and corporations pay for adverts and advert placements. Musicians also use the app to promote there new songs or albums. So if you are ready to use Snap Chat and its great features, let us guild you on how you can create you own Snap Chat account.

Below are the steps you will need to follow.
Step One. Download Snap Chat from your App store depending on the device you are using.
Step Two. Open app on your phone desktop.
Step Three. Click on Sign up
Step Four. Enter your first name and your last name.
Step Five. Sign up and Accept.
Step Six. Enter your date of birth, you must not be below 13 years old, then you click on NEXT.
Step Seven. Enter your user name and click on NEXT.
Step Eight. Enter your Gmail or Email address.
Step Nine. Create a strong a secure password by using capital letter, numbers and symbols.
Step Ten. Enter your mobile phone number.
Step Eleven. Enter the verification code sent to your phone click on NEXT.

NOTE: Snap chat does not support Racism, bullying and hate speech. Posting of nudes and sexual contents are not allowed. Selling fire arms, tobacco, drugs and unregistered medicines are also not allowed. Always stick to strict community guidelines, apply all terms and conditions at all times so you can enjoy Snap Chat.

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