How To Log Out Of Twitter On All Devices

How To Log Out Of Twitter On All Devices – Remaining online on your social account is what many people like to do, especially if it is on your phone or personal computer. But, if you are online on Twitter with a stranger’s device, or even in a cafe’s desktop, it is not save. So, you should consider going offline before you return the device.

Moreover, it is not secure to allow your Twitter account to remain on a stranger’s device when you are through. It is advisable to log out after you are through for security and privacy reasons.

Also, it is wise to log off of your Twitter on your PC if you plan to leave it for a while. Even when you are leaving your desktop behind while travelling, you need to be off line.

Signing out or going offline on Twitter is an easy task if you know the right and correct steps to take. But, if you don’t know, no worries. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it on all devices.

Continue reading to know the simple way that will be beast for you.

How To Log Out Twitter On All Devices

You can use either a PC or another device to log out. For mobile devices, it is achievable with either app or web browsers such as chrome, Mozilla, etc.

Let’s start with how to sign out with mobile phones using app.

Log Out With Mobile Device Using App

Here are the steps you can take to perform this with your mobile machine:

  • Go to the left side of your page, and select menu symbol.
  • Head over to the settings with privacy options.
  • Click account option.
  • Find account info and select.
  • Then go to Log out.
  • The Log-out information will pop up, then click to remove yourself at the moment.

Log-Out With Mobile Device Using Web Browsers

Use the below method to log out with web browsers:

  • Using web like Opera mini, type twitter into the address line.
  • Select the link on the front page.
  • Head over to where you have your name, move and click for action.
  • Follow the pop-up, and choose the button to remove yourself at the moment and you will go offline immediately.

Log Out Twitter on PC 

Use this way to leave twitter at the moment on PC. These steps will guide you:

  • Choose any available web browser such as UC or others and search for Twitter.
  • Choose the link with on the front page.
  • On your home page, head to the left side menu line, click your name symbol
  • Follow up the pop-up to log out yourself
  • For any other notification, choose log out to complete the process.


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