How to Recover the Facebook Dating App after it Disappeared

How to Recover the Facebook Dating App after it Disappeared – If you logged into your Facebook app only to notice that your dating app has disappeared, then don’t worry! Many Facebook users experience the same issue and usually within a few seconds, and it can be resolved quickly with three easy solutions. In this article, we will discuss how you can recover the Facebook dating app after it disappeared.

Check Your App Store

Before you begin to fret, check your app store to ensure that the app has not been uninstalled accidentally. Sometimes, when your phone is short on storage, apps can be uninstalled without your knowledge. Therefore, search for the app on your app store, and if it does not appear, then proceed to the next step.

Clear Facebook Cache

Your Facebook cache could be the problem, especially if you have not cleared it in a while. The cache can cause glitches in the Facebook app, making it hard to access some of the features, including the dating app. To fix this, go to your phone settings, select “apps,” and then select “Facebook.” Tap on “storage” and then “clear cache.” After that, log back into Facebook, and hopefully, the dating app should appear again.

Update Your Facebook App

If the Facebook app and its related modules are outdated, then updating them is necessary. To check for updates, go to your app store, search for “Facebook,” and select update. After the update process completes, log back in to Facebook, and you will most likely see the Facebook dating app appear once again.


The Facebook dating app disappearing can be frustrating, but the issue is resolvable by checking your app store, clearing your Facebook cache, or updating the Facebook app. The three solutions mentioned above should solve the problem, but if you still face issues, then contact Facebook support to assist you.


Q: How do I know if my Facebook dating app has disappeared?

A: Check the Facebook app, and if you can’t find the dating tab, then it has disappeared.

Q: Will I lose my chats if I clear Facebook cache?

A: No, you won’t lose your messages, but you will have to log in to the Facebook app again.

Q: Why can’t I find Facebook dating on my app store?

A: Facebook dating is only available in selected countries, so check if it is available in yours.

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