Free Register on Okcupid Dating Site

Free Register on Okcupid Dating Site: Go to and enter your gender and orientation to establish an account. Next, provide your email address, birthdate, and location. Additionally, you will need to choose a username and password. After that, you can choose a profile photo, add a little bio information, select three individuals you “Like,” and respond to seven Yes/No questions. With the help of all these options, OkCupid can show you more local matches who are matched with you. You are now prepared to use OkCupid!

If you’d want a bit more information on how to join up for OkCupid, you can find it here.

To Register With OkCupid

  • Open your web browser and navigate to You only need to select your gender and orientation before pressing the Continue button. It’s very simple to start!
  • Then, you must fill out a few additional personal details, like your birthdate, nation, ZIP code, and email. Since OkCupid will never publish to your Facebook account, you can also choose to sign in through Facebook for this stage. Enter your details and choose Next if you want to sign up using Facebook, or click Connect.
  • Choosing a username and password for your account is the next step.

Keep in mind that other OkCupid users will be able to identify you by your username, so be sure to choose wisely. On OkCupid, unless you upgrade to an A-List account, you cannot change your username without deleting your account and starting over. After selecting your username and password, click Done.

  • The opportunity to Kickstart your profile follows next. For other people to see how you look, add a profile picture. Keep in mind that selecting a superb photo will enhance the likelihood that other users will view your profile. You may also fill out the “About Me” section with some basic information so that other OkCupid users will know you right away.
  • By clicking Skip > in the top right corner of the screen, you can always skip this stage. Click Done after you have chosen a photo and provided your details.
  • After that, 7 Yes/No questions about you will be asked in order to select your initial matches.

To receive better matches, always remember to answer each question truthfully.

  • The final stage is to “like” three additional users. A “Like” on OkCupid lets a person know that you have looked at their profile and that you like what you see. Doing this three times gives OkCupid a sense of your dating style and enables it to suggest more compatible matches for you.
  • Simply click the faded star under someone’s name to make it into a yellow star to “like” them. Additionally, this step is always optional.

Congratulations, You’ve completed the OkCupid Sign Up procedure successfully!

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