Why is Dating App Not In New Facebook Update? Facebook Dating App is Missing

Why Facebook Dating App is Missing From the Latest Facebook Update? – One of the latest features added to Facebook is its dating app known as Facebook Dating. With Facebook Dating, users can find and even start a relationship with people who share common preferences and interests on their dating profiles. Users are required to create a separate dating profile by logging into their email address, which is separate from their main Facebook profile. They can specify location and interests to find suggested matches.

Despite its solid performance since its launch, sometimes issues can crop up, such as the Facebook dating app being not visible. In this article, we will address this issue and provide troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem.

Facebook Dating Not Showing

Two factors can cause Facebook dating not to show up. Firstly, not using the Facebook app, and secondly, being under the age of 18. Those under 18 years old cannot create their account. The only solution is to download the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device to access Facebook Dating.

How to Fix Facebook Dating App Not Showing Up on Facebook App

If you experience issues with the Facebook Dating app not showing up on your device, you can follow these easy solutions to fix it:

First: Update Facebook App

The Facebook app may not be updated to the latest version. Hence, it is necessary to update the Facebook app to the latest version available. Tap on the update tab to update the Facebook app. This should include the latest version of Facebook Dating, which should work correctly on your device.

Second: Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re using Facebook dating connected to a Wi-Fi network and are still experiencing problems, it is necessary to check your internet connection. Your connection might be slow or unreliable due to your current location. If you are connected to your data plan, then you can verify the connectivity of the network to ensure no issues.

Third: Enable Facebook App Notifications

If App notifications have been turned off or disabled, check whether Facebook is exempt from the notification list. You can enable Facebook App notifications again to use Facebook’s dating service.

Fourth: Clear Cache on Your Phone

Clearing the cache of your phone may help with proper functioning of apps. However, sometimes data stored may get corrupted, causing the app to stop functioning properly. Try clearing the cache on your mobile phone to see if the issue is resolved.

Fifth: Check if Facebook is Down

Check if other users are experiencing problems with the Facebook app. If Facebook app or dating is down, the only way is to wait for the services to work again.

Sixth: Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook App

If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device. Reinstallation may fix any conflicts with the app, and you could receive an updated version of Facebook and Facebook dating app.

Seventh: Contact Facebook Help Center

If following the solutions mentioned above did not work, you can contact the Facebook technical support team via their Facebook webpage to resolve the issue.


1. Is it necessary to have a Facebook profile to use Facebook Dating?

Yes, you need to create a separate Facebook dating profile that is separate from your main Facebook profile. You only need to log in with your email address.

2. Is Facebook dating available for ages under 18?

No, Facebook dating is for users who are eighteen years of age and older.

3. How can I enable location sharing for Facebook Dating?

You can enable location sharing by going to the Location Services settings on your device and allowing access to Facebook for location sharing.

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