Facebook Dating for Singles: A Worldwide Dating Experience – Guide to Dating On Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating for Singles: A Worldwide Dating Experience

Are you looking for the perfect match? Well, Facebook has got you covered. With its new feature, Facebook Dating, singles all over the world can now find their match using their Facebook profiles. Facebook Dating was launched in 2019, and as of 2021, it’s available in over 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and many more.

Getting Started with Facebook Dating

To use Facebook Dating, you must be 18 years or above and have a Facebook account. Once you have logged into your Facebook account, you can create a separate dating profile. This new dating profile is not visible to your Facebook friends and is only visible to potential matches within the Dating feature.

Finding a Match

Facebook Dating matches you with potential partners based on your interests, preferences, and activities on Facebook. If you find someone interesting, you can like their profile, comment on their pictures, or respond to their prompts. If the interest is mutual, you can start chatting. Facebook Dating also offers an option to add your Instagram posts to your dating profile, giving potential matches a better insight into your personality.

The Secret Crush Feature

Facebook Dating also offers a unique feature called Secret Crush. This feature allows you to add up to nine Facebook or Instagram friends to your Secret Crush list. If your secret crush is also using Facebook Dating and has added you to their list, you will both receive a notification that you have matched.

Facebook Dating in Different Countries

Facebook Dating is available in many countries worldwide, but it operates slightly differently in each region. In Colombia, for example, Facebook Dating is integrated with Instagram, while in Canada and Thailand, Facebook Dating offers a feature called Second Look, which allows users to review potential matches they may have previously passed on.

Why Choose Facebook Dating?

One advantage of Facebook Dating is its accessibility. Users do not have to download a separate app, but rather can access it directly from the Facebook app. Also, with over 2.8 billion active users on Facebook worldwide, there is a higher chance of finding a compatible match.


1. Is Facebook Dating free to use?

Yes, Facebook Dating is completely free to use.

2. Does Facebook Dating share my information with my Facebook friends?

No, Facebook Dating profiles are not visible to Facebook friends, and the app uses different algorithms than the rest of Facebook to match potential partners.

3. How safe is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating has a number of safety and privacy features. For example, users can block other users and report any suspicious behavior. Facebook also offers a guide on dating safety, which includes tips on how to stay safe when meeting someone in person.

In conclusion, Facebook Dating offers an exciting and convenient way for singles all over the world to find love. With its easy accessibility and safety features, Facebook Dating brings a new level of comfort in finding relationships online.

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